Various photos of my tour in the in the Saigon, Cholon, Tan Son Nhut area of South Viet Nam from 31 July '67-16 April '69
(More will follow as I find them and time allows)
With South Vietnamese Pilot [12k. jpg image] With my friend, Lt. Thuy, a South Vietnamese pilot,
in front of Le Van Loc, a popular Vietnamese night club on the Tan Son Nhut airbase.
Actual combat photo from the '68 Tet Offensive.
Dug into the 13th hole sandtrap of the Tan Son Nhut golf course.
Tet Offensive with M-60 [13k. jpg image]
With Tudo Street Bargirl [17k. jpg image] With one of the lovely Tudo Street bargirls in Saigon